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The mission of the International Cancer Expert Corps (ICEC) is to reduce mortality and improve the quality of life for people with cancer in low- and middle income countries and regions worldwide. The ICEC addresses this mission through a global mentoring network of cancer professionals who work with local and regional in-country groups to develop and sustain expertise for better cancer care. Included in the mission are underserved indigenous people in resource-rich countries who by geographic, cultural and socioeconomic issues have similar limitations in access to cancer care. Through mentorship between major cancer programs and societies in resource-rich countries (Hubs), panels of Experts of different disciplines will provide guidance, education and some resources to enable an Associate in an ICEC Center in LMIC/indigenous population to provide region and resource appropriate guideline-based care. The goal is for the ICEC Center to develop capacity, capability and competence and provide the spectrum of cancer care- prevention, diagnosis, treatment and screening- and to also serve as a regional center of excellence, recognizing that it will require years and local investment. Because of its curative and palliative potential, radiation therapy will become an important component of the ICEC Center.
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