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Icelandic Cancer society is a nation-wide, voluntary organization established 56 years ago in order to promote knowledge and education about cancer, screening for cancer, to support cancer research and to progress in the treatment and care of cancer patients. They have always made generating and distributing general information about cancer to the public a main part of their agenda. However, the society´s former successful role in tobacco prevention has now largely been taken over by the school systems and a new public health institute. A regular successful campaign now consistently run to warn young people against sun exposure and solaria. Icelandic Cancer Society has about 30 divisions, 23 regional divisions and 8 patient support groups. Seven of the regional divisions have local service centers with a part-time employee, partly supported by the society. The patient support groups then have affiliates out in the countryside that do not function as independent divisions but are linked to the regional chapter. In 1952, Icelandic Cancer Society was accepted as a full UICC member.

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00 354 540 1900
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125 Reykjavik
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