Fundación Movimiento Contra el Cáncer (Movicancer-Nicaragua)

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We are an organization dedicated to the fight against cancer by designing strategies for prevention, care and education to the community as well as the patient, promoting empowerment in the active care of his health before, during and after treatment with a focus gender. We work together with public and private entities in the analysis, design and development of strategies for prevention, care and teaching to improve institutional and community capacities that can increase survival, reduce mortality and improve quality of life and Nicaraguans. Movicancer works in alliance with private, public and academic sector to develop research related to the cancer and proposing new focus to prevention. Also Movicancer has collaboration agreement with CIES-UNAN, Universidad CentroAmericana, RedCancer, RINC (Red de Institutos Nacionales de Cancer) and Alianza Latina.

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Reparto Las Palmas, de Walmart 200 Metros al Norte, 150 Metros al Este.
Casa #1120.
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Monday 26 September 2022