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The International Planned Parenthood Federation/Western Hemisphere Region (IPPF/WHR) and several of its Member Associations (MAs) throughout the Caribbean and Latin America provide both vaccination and screening and treatment for cervical cancer and screening and treatment for breast cancer. IPPF/WHR’s MA in Bolivia implemented a successful three year vaccination program in schools, reaching over 80,000 girls with the HPV vaccine. Many IPPF/WHR Member Associations are able to provide Pap smears and biopsies on site. In rural and low-resource areas of Bolivia, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Suriname and Peru IPPF/WHR MA are implementing visual inspection with acetic acid (VIAA), allowing women to be seen and treated on site without the need for a laboratory or a follow up visit. With additional funds, we hope to expand this work into Guatemala and El Salvador and Honduras. Breast and cervical cancer is part of the integrated package of services (IPES) ippf is promoting and we are checking this as a quality of care standard. The International Planned Parenthood Federation/Western Hemisphere Region is the leading provider of sexual and reproductive health services in the Caribbean and Latin America. Since 1954, IPPF/WHR has been committed to improving the lives of all Latin America’s and the Caribbean’s women, men and young people with a particular focus on the most vulnerable. We believe that access to sexual and reproductive health and rights is the key to sustainable lives, sustainable families and sustainable futures. To this end, we at IPPF/WHR work each and every day with our 40 Member Associations (MAs) throughout the region to ensure that every person who desires contraception has access to it and possesses the knowledge and the tools to remain free from sexually transmitted infections. In 2010 alone, IPPF/WHR provided over 28.9 million services—the vast majority to women and young people who would not otherwise be able to access sexual and reproductive health services of any kind. For the past five years, IPPF/WHR’s work centered on five key programmatic areas, also known as the five A’s: Access, Adolescents, Advocacy, AIDS/HIV/STIs, and Abortion. With the launch of its new five-year Strategic Plan 2010-2015, IPPF/WHR reaffirms its commitment to the strategic framework of the five A’s and which have been consolidated into three integrated strategic areas: 1) Ensuring universal access to sexual and reproductive health, 2) Promoting sexual rights and reproductive rights, and 3) Strengthening the IPPF/WHR network. IPPF/WHR’s MAs are on the ground in countries throughout the region, providing high-quality comprehensive services including a full range of contraceptive options, safe abortion and post-abortion care, services related to HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and services tailored to the special needs of women experiencing gender-based violence.

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