Asociación de Pacientes con LMC -ASOPALEU-

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Ten years of providing educational and emotional support for people with CML and GIST. The target population is increasing every year , with new members , including children and adolescents diagnosed with CML.. Educational and recreational activities are intended to involve families , friends and volunteers in order to provide additional support and increase collaboration and unity among members and their families. For the third consecutive year, the 9/22 has been the activity in which the organization and its members have received attention and space in the media , raising awareness of the work done at a national level and much more recent information on diagnostics , treatment and monitoring . With the support of medical experts within them including Hematology Oncologists, Psycho Oncologist, Mental Health , Gynecologist , Dentist , Nutritionist and Internal Medicine , who in a practical way , are dedicated to educate the patient, caregivers and family to understand how to live with quality life and health , basically focusing on key recommendations such as the vital treatment compliance and the value of regular monitoring.

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00 502 5201 4130
3 Av. Mz 5 L12 zona 16 Monte Sano
30 Ave. 29-02 zona 5 Col Santa Ana
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