Alliance Burundaise Contre le Cancer (ABCC)

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Freshly founded in 2006, Alliance Burundaise Contre le Cancer (ABCC) will sensitize the burundi public, health professionals, and potential partners about the public health concern on cancer in order to prevent cancer prevention. Within their three year plan of action, the ABCC is confident in establishing public sensitization, forming an organized structure for detection and prevention, and assuring a global financial agreement for the treatment of cancer diseases. In 2007, ABCC met with political authorities and health officials in broadcasted seminars and conferences. In 2008, ABCC will construct a functional national cancer centre anchored in the existing care structures of the communities, including a new reference system. Finally, in 2009, ABCC is dedicated to creating a local care unity, integrating medical and surgical treatment, and radiology under a global finance for diseases, while also taking advantage of foreign treatments centers as necessary. ABCC became an associate member of UICC in 2007.
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