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Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences Clinical Building 6th Floor, Room 6023, Fransie van Zijl Drive
South Africa

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The African Cancer Institute (ACI) aims to contribute to improving cancer prevention (both primary and secondary prevention, including screening), diagnosis and management in Africa. The institute is a coordinating and directive institution for research and training in the field of cancer within Stellenbosch University. Whilst the Institute is situated within the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, given that cancer research is inherently multidisciplinary, the ACI has a mandate to work across the different faculties of the University and other entities such as centres, bureaus and institutes within the University, as well as in collaboration with other national and international higher education institutions, and public and private enterprises. The ACI does not claim sole proprietorship to all cancer teaching, training and research within the University, but aims to play a facilitating role for the advancement of cancer-related capabilities within the University. Through its programs, the ACI assistS South Africa and other African countries to build capacity, to provide education and training and to promote national and international collaboration in the field of cancer with learning and research institutions from other countries.
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