McCabe Centre Workshop

The week of the Congress was a busy and productive one for the McCabe Centre for Law and Cancer.

A one-day workshop was held at the Faculty of Law of McGill University on Friday 31 August, the day after the Congress concluded. Approximately 40 participants from around the world attended this interactive workshop. There were sessions on:

  • Law in cancer prevention, with a focus on tobacco, alcohol, obesity and solaria, and the relationship between legal interventions and the current global processes relating to the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases;
  • cancer prevention in the courts, including domestic and international tobacco litigation involving Australia, Canada, Norway and the US;
  • legal rights and responsibilities relating to cancer treatment and supportive care, including discrimination law, access to financial support, access to opioid analgesics, and the relationship between intellectual property law and access to cancer medicines, and the implications of the right to health; and
  • the relationship between privacy law and population level cancer research.

Not surprisingly, participants found a lot of areas of common interest. While we work in different jurisdictions and legal systems, we all deal with similar challenges and have a lot to learn from one another and many opportunities to collaborate.

Participants will be sharing outlines of their presentations, which we will upload on the subscriber-only section of the McCabe Centre workshop within the next few weeks.

We are already looking forward to hosting a similar workshop in Melbourne, where the McCabe Centre is based, in conjunction with the 2014 Congress. It will be a great opportunity to review progress between Montreal and Melbourne.

The McCabe Centre also participated in a number of sessions at the Congress, including UICC’s Global Access to Pain Relief Initiative session, at which we reviewed progress since the 2010 Congress within the key international agencies with respect to access to opioid analgesics for the relief of cancer pain, and sessions that dealt with Australia’s plain tobacco packaging legislation and the various legal challenges that have been launched against it.

It was wonderful to meet so many new people and to catch up with old friends and colleagues. Please stay in touch and share any ideas you have on issues that you are working on or on how we can collaborate. You can contact the Centre’s Director, Jonathan Liberman, at And check out our website and let us know if you have any suggestions for websites or documents we might link to.

Last update: 
Tuesday 13 May 2014