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Tuesday, June 29, 2021 - 14:00 (UTC/GMT+2:00)

Regional series: Europe

Working together to drive action for cancer patients in the European region

Tuesday 29 June, 14:00-15:30 CEST (check your timezone here)

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UICC’s regional series of Virtual Dialogues are opportunities for UICC members and the cancer community, including cancer societies, research and cancer centres, professional associations, ministries of health and patient support groups in each of the six regions to gather virtually, reflect, interact and share best practices on key topics in Europe.

The cancer community in Europe has seen recent advances in cancer control with the adoption of regional strategies such as the WHO/Europe United Action Against cancer and the European Beating Cancer Plan.

UICC’s Virtual Dialogue for Europe is an interactive session that aims to connect you with peers and provide a platform for discussion on these developments and to look at concrete opportunities for collaboration on the next steps.

You will also hear about how to get involved in UICC activities, including at the World Cancer Leaders’ Summit on 25th-26th October in Boston, USA, and around the world virtually.


The Virtual Dialogue will be 90 minutes and will combine short presentations and interactions:

  • Welcome and introduction by a UICC Board member from the region
  • Rapid-fire on Working together to drive action for cancer patients in the European region
  • Group discussion to share questions, experiences and ideas
  • Presentation of key UICC opportunities for engagement
  • Concluding remarks and take-aways


Speakers include:

  • Dutch Cancer Society (KWF) – Johan van de Gronden
  • European Cancer Organisation – Matti Aapro
  • European Cancer Patients Coalition – Jacqueline Daly
  • Kazakh Institute of Oncology and Radiology– Dilyara Kaidarova
  • Borka - For each new day – Biba Dodeva

Meet UICC Board Members representing the region:

  • Portuguese League Against Cancer – Cristiana Fonseca
  • Swedish Cancer Society – Ulrika Kågström 

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