ICI Europe Summit - Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors

Tuesday, November 27, 2018 to Thursday, November 29, 2018

With well over 2000 combination trials ongoing, phrases like 'hit-and-hope' and 'throwing anything together' seem much more common than 'logical' and 'rational'.

To provide clarity through this fog of complexity, the upcoming ICI Europe conference is structured around engaging every stage in the cancer immunity cycle, providing a mechanistic framework to combination approaches. Get the full event guide to find out more: https://bit.ly/2xCZeR6

Rather than covering a random selection of immunooncology combinations, ICI Europe focuses on how checkpoint combinations can impact every stage of the cancer immunity cycle, enhancing the long term success of immuno-oncology drug development.

Cutting through the noise and hype around the immunooncology field, this industry focused conference will use the cancer immunity cycle as a framework from which to investigate the most promising checkpoint combination approaches.

Detailing combinations based exclusively on synergistic mechanisms rather than a ‘hit-and-hope’ combination approaches; however you're approaching the immunooncology space, learn how you can engage a checkpoint backbone to enhance combination success

The 4th Annual ICI Europe 2018 is taking place in Berlin from 27-29 November.

Event Information

Hanson Wade
Sofitel Berlin Kurfurstendamm, 41 Augsburger Straße
10789 Berlin
This event is under the auspices of UICC
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Friday 7 June 2019