German Cancer Society

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The German Cancer Society (GCS) is the largest Expert Society of Oncology in Germany. Nearly 7000 oncologic experts, being active in clinical research and treatment or working as psychooncologic counsellors or in medical care are involved as members.

- supports intersdiciplinary cooperation
- supports training and education in the fields of oncologic
research, clinical treatment and medical care
- develops evidence based treatment guidlines for different cancer
diagnoses and cancer prevention
- improves the quality of treatment in clinics by certification
- is the roof organization for 16 regional cancer societies

Main aims are
to lower cancer indcidences by - Primary Prevention
to incerase chances of survival by - Early Detection
to decrease mortality and increase quality of life by - Research

16 recional Cancer Societies in the GCS provide deriect support for cancer patients, their family members and friends. Projects, symposia and congresses are Germany wide set into reality to increase the knowledge base of each individual and provide helf for the population.

For single actions in the different federal states find the adresses of the regional cancer societies on

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