CALAMEA builds alliances to further regional goals in the Middle East & Africa

5 February 2014

The Cancer Advocacy Leaders’ Alliance for Middle East & Africa

Sixteen cancer advocacy organizations within the Middle East and Africa have vowed to join efforts in order to strengthen access to treatment and cancer awareness within the region. The Cancer Advocacy Leaders’ Alliance for Middle East and Africa (CALAMEA) is the first regional body of its kind.  The formation of the CALAMEA reflects the value of alliances which enable groups and organizations within a region to unite together in order to help each other and strengthen their collective voices.

Goals of CALAMEA include:

  • Raising awareness, exchanging information and best practices
  • Capacity building of existing patient organizations and encouraging and facilitating the setting up of new groups 
  • Providing information, educational and outreach programmes to member organizations
  • Collaborating/contributing  on new and existing projects on cancer advocacy in the region/internationally
  • Sharing appropriate health-related policies and initiatives in helping to shape on national level
  • Ensuring patients across MEA receive timely access to (new) diagnostic tools, treatment and drugs
  • Stimulating and promoting patient centred research and clinical trials
  • Developing a strong evidence base for the needs and wants of patients and their role in cancer burden

As a way to show their collective commitment towards their common goals of improving cancer support in the region, leaders and members of organizations within the CALAMEA will sign the newly re-launched World Cancer Declaration.  The World Cancer Declaration is a tool to help bring the growing cancer crisis to the attention of government leaders and health policymakers in order to significantly reduce the global cancer burden by 2020.  By adding their names to the World Cancer Declaration the leaders are making a statement to the world about their intent to improve cancer control, locally, regionally, and globally. 

CALAMEA welcomes participation from UICC Members and other cancer organizations with aligned missions within the region.

Visit here to get involved. 

CALAMEA Founding Members

AMAL, Morocco; BIRKAN/KANKO, Turkey; Can Survive, Egypt; El Badr, Algeria; Emirates Association for Cancer Support, United Arab Emirates; Europa Donna, Turkey; Friends of Cancer Patients, United Arab Emirates; ICCF, South Africa; Lalla Salma Foundation, Morocco; One Wig Stand, Lebanon; Pembe Hanim, Turkey; People Living with Cancer, South Africa; Princess Nikky Foundation, Nigeria; Qatar Cancer Society, Qatar; Saudi Cancer Foundation, Saudi Arabia; The MAX Foundation SA, South Africa.

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