Bicycle "Rainbow Tour" in Germany for Cancer Patients

20 August 2013

Cancer survivors give encouragement and support to young cancer patients

Supporting young cancer patients is the aim of a special bicycle tour in Germany. During the so called “Rainbow Tour” young people who were diagnosed with cancer when they were children cycle 500-600 kilometres through Germany and visit children in hospitals who are currently undergoing treatment for childhood cancer.

The tour lasts for 8 days and began on August 16th 2013 in Würzburg, southern Germany and ends in Salzburg, Austria on August 23rd 2013. The Rainbow Tour began in 1993 to spread the message “Don’t give up. We made it and you can too!” to children and adolescents with cancer and their families.

Participants in the tour feel that young patients at cancer treatment centres can experience a boost from the encouragement of former patients as they understand the particular challenges that children and their families face.

Astrid Zehbe, a childhood cancer survivor and participant in the “Rainbow Tour” over the past few years states:

“Our plea to the public is that there should be normal treatment and equal opportunities for the future without stigma or day-to-day discrimination. Young cancer patients need to be supported both physically and psychologically to continue with their lives following a cancer diagnosis.”

A tour blog can be accessed on (in German only).

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