Attracting medical students to the field of oncology

9 October 2013

The Jordan Oncology Society is encouraging young professionals to join the field of cancer

A “Basic Oncology Course“ for sixth year medical schools was organised by the Jordan Oncology Society (JOS) and under the umbrella of JOS & Euro-Arab School of Oncology (EASO). Sixty students from three medical schools in Jordan were selected, based on merits, to join this course. Teaching faculty members were selected from Jordanian Universities, KHCC, and the private sector. The scientific interaction between students and faculty was excellent. Tests were performed at the end of each day and the best three students were awarded at the end of the course, while Certificates of Attendance were distributed to all.
The objective of the course was to provide basics of oncology to medical students in Jordan and to attract more young people 
to start a career in this domain. At the beginning of the course, only 10% of students were thinking of undergoing oncology post graduation studies, however after the course around 60% mentioned having changed their mind and are now considering one of the oncology specialties. 

© JOS - Medical students passing an exam at the end of the day

“This type of course targeting medical students is a powerful way to attract young professionals to a career in the area of cancer, says Jamal Khader, president of Jordan Oncology Society and course director. We encourage all national societies to replicate this model and to engage the students of medical schools to meet the growing need of skilled cancer professionals.”
Societies interested in learning more about this model should contact the Jordan Oncology Society or the GETI program manager who will relay the message
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