The Advocacy with impact Award

2018 UICC Award Nomination Form

The Advocacy with impact Award aims to recognise the outstanding work of UICC members in developing and implementing impactful advocacy programmes or campaigns. Advocacy plays a critical role in cancer control planning and is necessary in any resource setting to influence policy and improve delivery of cancer programmes and services in view of reducing premature mortality due to cancer and other NCDs by 2025.

In addition, the Cancer Resolution that was adopted by Member States at the 2017 World Health Assembly provides countries with guidance for national action around health promotion and risk factor reduction, and emphasises the need to address inequity in access to early detection, timely and appropriate treatment, including pain relief and palliative care. We invite UICC members to showcase their capacity to bring about change and enter the Advocacy with impact Award in view of sharing their achievements with the rest of the global cancer community.

Important note: each UICC member can submit maximum one advocacy initiative for consideration for the Advocacy with impact Award.

Nominated organisation


This is the person who in principle would receive the award on behalf of the organisation at the Award Ceremony at the 2018 World Cancer Congress. Should your initiative be among the three short-listed, this person will be interviewed by phone by the jury during July / August 2018. ​

About your Advocacy campaign

Background – 300 words max

Please tell us the aim of your advocacy initiative, what were its objectives and why were they chosen

Describe your advocacy initiative – 300 words max

You may want to consider these questions while answering: Who was the target audience for the advocacy initiative? What advocacy messages, tactics or tools did you use? What partnerships or coalitions were engaged? What was the time frame?

Measuring your impact – 300 words max

Describe the overall impact of the initiative. You may also want to consider these questions while answering: Were there any additional positive outcomes?  How were they measured?

Challenges, learning points – 300 words max

You may want to consider these questions while answering: What were the main challenges encountered? How were these overcome? What are the key learning points?

Replicability – 300 words max

Please describe the key elements or advices to use by others to successfully replicate your initiative in their own settings


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