UICC Constitution (revision 2012)

The General Assembly adopted a new Constitution for UICC in August 2010. It was subsequently revised in August 2012.

Minor changes made in August 2012:

  1. Clarification of name of UICC

  2. Clarification of distribution of assets in case of liquidation of UICC

  3. Clarification of voluntary status of UICC Board Members 

Changes made in August 2010:

  • Full English text name to be Union for International Cancer Control so that the “UICC” acronym is consistent with that for the French, Spanish, Latin texts.

  • Advocacy to be included explicitly in the Constitution.

Voting at Assembly to include the option of proxy votes.

  • No election by the Board of any of its own members.

  • Nominating Committee to be elected by the Board and chaired by the President.

  • Presentation of Nominees to the Assembly by the President.

  • Additionally, TORs were established for the Chief Executive Officer and revised for the Board with regard to individual responsibilities. 

Download the UICC Constitution

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30 August 2012
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