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As part of the national activation of Treatment for All, UICC is keen to engage individuals and organisations who would be willing to mentor and support UICC member organisations in their engagement with the Treatment for All campaign, in particular the Treatment for All online course and the preparations required for the Country Champions to launch a national Treatment for All campaign on World Cancer Day 2020. Support may take the form of technical expertise, facilitation of new contacts, explanatory phone calls or webinars, and project management guidance.

As Mentors, your engagement will contribute to the collective efforts of civil society to prioritise cancer control and help shape effective national policies to secure better outcomes for patients, supporting the translation of global commitments into national action. Furthermore, joining as a Mentor could be a great development opportunity for individual staff, sharing their knowledge and expertise with others, and bringing a global perspective to their work.

Mentors should meet the following criteria:

  • Track record of implementing advocacy campaigns, and strengths in advocacy, communication, fundraising, coalition building or policy shaping
  • Willingness to make an organisation-wide commitment to the national activation of Treatment for All, and the Country Champions, with prospective to support through 2025
  • Commitment to support the Country Champions with monitoring and tracking of their campaign efforts
  • Commitment to a holistic approach to cancer care, with collaborative stakeholder engagement across government, clinical and civil society groups
  • Respect of the core principles on which UICC is founded.

UICC expects Mentors to:

Mentor commitments include:

  • Provide virtual support to Country Champions as they progress through the online course, toolkit and related assignments
  • Support the Country Champions to monitor and track progress of their activities over the course of the Treatment for All advocacy campaign design and implementation
  • Participate and engage with fellow Mentors and Country Champions through calls, emails and engagement in online discussion forums
  • Support Country Champions after the workshop to develop and implement a timely, sustainable national Treatment for All campaign to be launched on World Cancer Day 2020.

What is UICC’s commitment to Mentors?

UICC will have primary oversight and responsibility for all activities within the national activation of Treatment for All, including engagement with Treatment for All Country Champions and monitoring of overall progress. UICC will also develop relevant tools and materials, including the toolkit, virtual course, and monitoring and evaluation templates, to support Country Champions with development and implementation of their national Treatment for All advocacy campaigns. These materials will support Mentors in their role, to enable them to provide direct one-on-one guidance and advice. 

What are the key milestones?

Date Milestone
Oct. 1 2018 - Jan. 16 2019 Mentors submit expressions of interest
Jan. 2019 Selection of Mentors
Feb. 4 2019 Announcement of 20 Country Champions on World Cancer Day
Mar. – Aug. 2019 Treatment for All online course
Oct. 14-16 2019 World Cancer Leaders’ Summit and in-person workshop
Feb. 4 2020 Launch of Country Champion’s Treatment for All advocacy campaigns on World Cancer Day
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Friday 25 January 2019