Become a Country Champion

Terms of reference

Calls for expressions of interest from Country Champions closed on Friday, 30 November. Selected Country Champions will be annouced on World Cancer Day, 2019. Stay tuned!

As part of the national activation of Treatment for All, UICC member organisations are invited to express their interest in becoming one of the selected organisations to receive targeted and one-on-one support to enable them to unite with national-level civil society in their country, identify key advocacy priorities in line with the global Treatment for All advocacy campaign, and effectively engage government towards addressing inequities in their contexts and countries. In so doing, Country Champions become leaders of the global Treatment for All movement.

Country Champions should meet the following criteria:

  • UICC member representing a low-income or lower-middle income country
  • Willingness to make an organisation-wide commitment to the Treatment for All programme, with the kick off of a national Treatment for All campaign in 2020 and with prospective activities through to 2025
  • Commit to a comprehensive approach to cancer care in your home country, with collaborative stakeholder engagement across government, clinical and civil society groups
  • Commitment to engage in monitoring and tracking of the campaign efforts
  • Respect of the core principles on which UICC is founded.

UICC expects Country Champions to:

  • Follow and engage with the Treatment for All course modules and complete the associated toolkit and assignments
  • Lead a situational analysis of cancer control in their country, with particular consideration of the four Treatment for All pillars
  • Spearhead the design, development and implementation of a national advocacy strategy with identified cancer control priorities, with a campaign to be launched on World Cancer Day 2020
  • Monitor and track progress over the course of the Treatment for All advocacy campaign design and implementation
  • Participate in the 2019 WCLS, through attendance of one individual, including a one-day workshop to support the development of the advocacy strategy
  • Participate and engage with mentors and fellow Country Champions through calls, emails and engagement in online discussion forums.

What is UICC’s commitment to Country Champions?

UICC is committed to working with Country Champions to build capacity for advocacy, through the provision of relevant tools, mentorship and expertise. Country Champions will be paired with Mentors, as well as UICC staff, to support their successful progress through the Treatment for All online course and in-person workshop at the 2019 WCLS. Following this, Country Champions should be prepared to launch their own national Treatment for All campaigns for World Cancer Day 2020.

UICC commitments to Country Champions include:

  • Virtual and face-to-face training, in the form of an online course and workshop at the 2019 WCLS, drawing on expertise across UICC membership organisations, including content on advocacy, communications, coalition building and fundraising.
  • Travel grant to WCLS
  • Mentorship before and after the WCLS
  • Potential seed grants for implementation of targeted actions following WCLS, such as fellowships for targeted skills training, roundtables, etc.

What are the key milestones?

Date Milestone
Oct. 1 - Nov. 30 2018 Country Champions submit expressions of interest
Jan. 2019 Selection of Country Champions
Feb. 4 2019 Announcement of 20 Country Champions on World Cancer Day
Mar. - Aug. 2019 Treatment for All online course
Oct. 14-16 2019 World Cancer Leaders’ Summit and in-person workshop
Feb. 4 2020 Launch of national Treatment for All advocacy campaigns on World Cancer Day
Last update: 
Friday 25 January 2019