1st European Roundtable Meeting Report out now!

23 June 2014

Co-hosted by the German Cancer Society (Deutsche Krebsgesellschaft) & UICC

The Roundtable took place in Berlin, Germany, on 16 May and focused on ‘Improving cancer care in Europe - Sharing best practice and learning which institutional structures are beneficial and why’ inviting participants to exchange ideas around these important topics.

This meeting was designed to discuss the decisive requirements to create the optimal quality of cancer care in a given healthcare system.

After three presentations showcasing different Cancer Care Systems in Germany, Iceland, and The Netherlands, participants were invited to join one of the three working groups and have a think about the below questions to foster the exchange of ideas and good practice in diverse health care systems:

  1. Which structures are necessary on a national level to be able to define and develop a strategic approach to quality in cancer care?
  2. Which criteria are necessary/important to implement the defined strategy for cancer care?
  3. What is required to measure the quality of cancer care in our system?

Download the ERTM Report here.

The German Cancer Society website: http://www.krebsgesellschaft.de/

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