UICC aims to unite the cancer community through its members and partners, as well as an expansive and growing network
Networks and partners

UICC, established in 1933, is the oldest and largest cancer fighting organisation globally, with more than 1000 members across 162 countries, more than 50 partners, and official relations with the World Health Organization, International Agency for Research on Cancer, International Atomic Energy Agency, United Nations Office of Drug and Crime, and consultative status at United Nations Economic and Social Council.

We aim to unite the cancer community through the access and exchange of knowledge, strengthened capacity, and an expansive and growing network, at the global, national and local level, by focusing on convening, capacity building and advocacy. These partnerships are essential to delivering the World Cancer Declaration targets, as well as to driving our global advocacy agenda.

UICC Framework
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NCD Alliance

The Non-communicable Disease (NCD) Alliance is a civil society network uniting 2,000 federation associations, civil society organisations, scientific and professional associations, academic and research institutions to improve NCD prevention and control worldwide.

UICC's involvement in NCD Alliance

UICC is a founding member of the NCD Alliance and we continue to see the integration of NCDs as a priority in global, regional and national health and development planning and implementation. UICC will continue to support the capacity and sustainability of national and regional civil society alliances and networks in low- and middle-income countries to effectively influence cancer and other NCD prevention and control efforts at the national level.

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International Cancer Control Partnership (ICCP)

The International Cancer Control Partnership (ICCP), formed in November 2012, is a group of organisations engaged in supporting country cancer control planning efforts.

UICC's involvement in ICCP

UICC, with organisations including the WHO, CDC, NCI-USA, are committed to working together through ICCP to ensure that all countries have a well-resourced, quality cancer control plan, integrated with non-communicable disease control efforts.

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McCabe Centre for Law

The McCabe Centre for Law and Cancer is a leader in international legal training and capacity building across the spectrum of cancer prevention, treatment and care. The Centre also actively works to support the WHO Framework Convention for Tobacco Control, responding to legal threats or lawsuits from the tobacco industry.

UICC's involvement in McCabe Centre

The McCabe Centre for Law and Cancer is a joint initiative of Cancer Council Victoria (CCV), the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) and Cancer Council Australia (CCA), it is based at CCV in Melbourne, Australia, where it was established in 2012.

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Incidence and mortality: Global Initiative for Cancer Registry Development (GICR)

The Global Initiative for Cancer Registry Development (GICR) is a multi-partner response to the disparity in robust cancer statistics across the globe, led by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and Union for International Cancer Control (UICC)

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Latest networks news
11 April 2018

C/Can 2025 Reunión de alto nivel sobre financiamiento de soluciones sostenibles para el control del cáncer en América Latina

Del 18 al 19 de abril, C/Can 2025 será la sede de su primer Encuentro Regional Latinoamericano en Montevideo, Uruguay. En esta reunión, expertos líderes en finanzas de la salud de América Latina y de todo el mundo se reunirán con los líderes de la ciudad de C/Can 2025 de Cali y Asunción para analizar soluciones financieras para la atención y el tratamiento del cáncer en la región.

11 April 2018

C/Can2025 High Level Meeting on Financing Sustainable Cancer Control Solutions in Latin America

On the 18-19 April 2018, C/Can 2025  will host their first Latin American Regional Meeting in Montevideo, Uruguay. This meeting will see leading health finance experts from Latin America and around the world come together with C/Can 2025’s city leaders from Cali and Asunción, to discuss financing solutions for cancer care and treatment in the region.

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19 March 2018

2018 World Cancer Congress - Submit your abstract by 5 April

Submit your abstract by 5 April and contribute to the 2018 Congress programme.