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Grant Types

Successful applications will demonstrate the need, the response plan, and the measurable impact of the initiative. There are two types of Grants: Campaign and Network. Applications to both of these types of Grants will cover a period of up to 18 months, with up to 3 months of planning and development, a 12-month implementation phase, and up to 3 months of evaluation. Selection for both types of Awards will give preference to applications that provide clearly defined targets and deliverables, and will favor organizations with demonstrated success of achieving institutional goals. Where appropriate, mentorship will be provided to Grantees in both categories to ensure strong monitoring and evaluation for end of campaign reporting and planning for next steps and programmatic sustainability. The Grant levels are described below and selection will be conducted by the Selection Advisory Group:-

Grant Specifics

  Campaign Grant Network Grant
Aim To stimulate a new area of activity in the field of advanced breast cancer for the recipient organization To stimulate new collaborative activities on a national level or state level to take advanced breast cancer activities to a new level for the recipient organization
Focus 1 priority area 1 or more priority areas
Funding Average funding is 20.000 USD however this amount will differ according to evaluation criteria including resource-setting and campaign scope Average funding is 60.000 USD however this amount will differ according to evaluation criteria including resource-setting and campaign scope
Timeline Up to 18 months Up to 18 months
Mentorship Assigned mentor Assigned mentor


Eligible Applicants (1) Applicants must be organizations or institutions (both non-governmental and governmental). 
(2) Non-UICC members must provide a letter of reference and documentation of the organization’s status. 
(3) Although collaboration with regional and international partners is encouraged, the project leadership and the impact of the campaign should be in focus. 
(4) Campaigns which include coverage of equipment costs, patient treatment or care will not be eligible.
(5) Applications are welcomed worldwide, excluding the United States of America.
Duration Grantees receive funding for a period of up to a 18-months
Scale Approximately 20 grants will be awarded.
Average value 20,000USD for Campaign Grants (varies)
60,000USD for Network Grants (varies)
Application Support

Applicants will additionally be supported by:

  • Welcome and open communication with UICC Team
  • A guiding document with descriptions on how to complete the letter of intent and application

Please visit the Application Page.

Letter of Intent Opens 1 March 2015
Letter of Intent Closes 19 April 2015
Shortlist announced 29 May 2015
Application deadline for shortlisted candidates 1 August 2015
Notification of Results 5 November 2015
SPARC Best Practices Working Group in Paris 31 October 2016