This year, over 60 grants to support fellowships and workshops have been awarded through ICRETT, YY and ACSBI grant mechanisms, channeling funding to more than 36 countries. Over 170 applications have been submitted from 56 countries and reviewed by independent external experts.

UICC wishes to extend a warm thank you to its network of expert reviewers, who have been providing time and knowledge all year long to review the numerous fellowship applications submitted to the ICRETT, the YY and the ACSBI programs. The reviewers have voluntarily accepted to contribute to this project, enabling international transfers of knowledge and expertise worldwide.

2012 has been a great year for the fellowships programme, which celebrated its 50th anniversary. With over 6,000 fellowships awarded since its inception in 1962, the program is proud of its achievements, and moving forward, seeks to provide more training opportunities to cancer control professionals and researchers worldwide in the upcoming years.

Some of our key accomplishments this year include the launch of a new fellowship jointly with the McCabe Centre for Law and Cancer Fellowship to provide opportunities for lawyers working in cancer control to develop their skills and expertise - we are proud to announce the names of the two award winners in this newsletter. Other accomplishments include the launch of a new advanced training pilot-fellowship jointly with IARC – the first award has been announced recently and has been granted to support the strengthening of epidemiological capacity in Tanzania.

Over 60 grants were awarded in 2012 for ASCBI, YY and ICRETT Fellowships, as well as for support to workshops. Over 170 applications were received from 56 countries.

None of this would be possible without the support of our generous partners. As the year end is approaching, we wish to extend our Season’s Greetings to UICC Fellows, reviewers and our sponsors, and wish them good luck into the new year.