HPV and Cervical Cancer Curriculum

Professional Education to improve cervical cancer prevention worldwide

  • HPV vaccines and new diagnostic and screening tools have the potential to make cervical cancer largely a disease of the past.
  • Lack of appropriate professional knowledge has recurrently been identified as one of the major hindrances to the implementation of national cancer control programmes and a contributing factor to late access to diagnosis and treatment.
  • Knowledge transfer between professionals and to a lay audience is critical for long-term sustainability 

A contribution to tackling these challenges is the UICC HPV and Cervical Cancer Curriculum.

HPV and Cervical Cancer Curriculum

  • An e-learning tool as basis for courses, workshops and self-learning
  • Powerpoint presentations with speakernotes and voiceovers on key topics related to HPV and cervical cancer
  • For healthcare personnel, programme managers, researchers, educators, policy-makers 


  • To improve individual knowledge on HPV and cervical cancer 
  • To provide evidence-based, state-of-the art, interdisciplinary and user-friendly teaching material 

The Curriculum is being field-tested in several countries. Any comments and suggestions are welcome! Please send them to cervicalcancer@uicc.org.

Translations available:

The curriculum is currently available in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. The Kiswahili version will be available soon.

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