Success Stories

UICC is proud to partner with some of the largest cancer organisations in the world, including the National Cancer Institute, the Centre for Disease Control, the World Cancer Research Fund International, the Dutch Cancer Society, the American Cancer Society, the Swiss Cancer League or the Norwegian Cancer Society - to name a few. Their continued support and engagement have been fundamental to help us achieve tremendous results at the global and political levels - for the benefit of the global cancer community.

We are excited to continue to partner with these strong and influential cancer societies over the coming years and to welcome new partners from around the world. 

“We have achieved a great deal in the Netherlands. Overall the 5-year survival rate for Dutch cancer patients has increased to 60%. We have contributed to this result through our investments in raising awareness, information and patient support and cancer research. We are proud of our impact at a national level. However, we recognise that in today’s interconnected world, we must also step-up and be more active in the global cancer community. For this reason, we are scaling up our partnership with UICC.” 

Michel Rudolphie, Chief Executive Officer, Dutch Cancer Society

"We are proud to call ourselves one of the first partners of UICC. UICC called on our expertise in the area of cancer prevention for the global advocacy campaign. Together, UICC and its members have successfully placed cancer on the global stage, putting the cancer community in position for even greater success in the years to come.”

Dr Kate Allen, Director, Science and Communications, World Cancer Research Fund International