The NCD Alliance to become an independent NGO


UICC is excited to support the transformation of the NCD Alliance from an international alliance into a standalone NGO.

Since its formation in 2009, UICC has contributed to the NCD Alliance becoming an important player in global health and a lead force in galvanising international commitments and national action to tackle the growing NCDs epidemic.

Over the last eight years we, as the NCD community, have achieved the goals we have set including the UN High-Level Meeting on NCDs, the Global Action Plan on NCDs, a the global Monitoring Framework with specific targets and most recently inclusion of those NCD targets in the Sustainable Development Goals. Since 2011 we have also seen many governments step up and publish national NCD and cancer plans to drive national action.

This is an impressive track record for the NCD Alliance to use as a foundation in a new era as a standalone NGO, a step we believe will ensure the strength and sustainability of the work as we move forward. This transition will not change the operations and strategic priorities of the NCD Alliance, it signals a new emphasis as we move to building regional and national NCD Alliance to drive national accountability against the global commitments and tangible improvements for people living with NCDs. 

UICC has actively supported the NCD Alliance to become an independent NGO, and with this we are delighted to announce that the NCD Alliance will hold its first General Assembly and meeting of the Board of Directors on the 22nd May. As part of the process to developing the inaugural Board of Directors, UICC reached out to our members for nominations and we would like to thank everyone who applied. The quality of applications was very high and we are delighted to announce that Professor Tezer Kutluk, UICC’s Immediate Past President, will be UICCs formal representative on this new board. Additional cancer expertise and experience in leading national efforts will be provided by the CEO of Cancer Council Victoria, Todd Harper. We also take this opportunity to congratulate Todd on this appointment and thank him for his commitment to NCD Alliance.

The list of board members are:

  • Jose Luis Castro, The International Union Against TB and Lung Disease (President)
  • Tezer Kutluk, Immediate Past President, Union for International Cancer Control
  • Luis Gardete-Correia, Vice President, International Diabetes Federation
  • Jean-Luc Eisele, CEO, World Heart Federation
  • Ehsan Latif, Senior Advisor NCDs, The International Union Against TB and Lung Disease
  • George Alleyne, Director Emeritus, PAHO
  • Paola Barbarino, CEO, Alzheimer’s Disease International
  • Deborah Chen, Executive Director, Heart Foundation of Jamaica
  • Todd Harper, CEO, Cancer Council Victoria
  • Paula Johns, Executive Director, ACT+ Brazil
  • Gerald Yonga, Chair, East Africa NCD Alliance
  • Mahendra Arunashanthi Wijesuriya, Executive Director, NCD Alliance Lanka
  • Ibtihal Fadhil, Adviser, EMRO NCD Alliance

The profiles of all the new Board Members can be found here, and further information will be available on the NCD Alliance website after the inaugural General Assembly.