About Membership

Full Membership

Annual Fee: 3’000 CHF (Swiss francs*)

This category of membership is available to organisations that are substantially engaged in cancer control, support UICC’s objectives and have appropriate organisational structures.

Associate Membership

Annual Fee: 1’500 CHF (Swiss francs*)

This category of membership is available to organisations, networks or entities that support UICC’s objectives.

*Organisations from low- and middle-income countries may apply for a reduction. UICC uses the World Bank classification of economies as a reference to grant discounts on annual membership fees.

International Solidarity Membership

Support organisation from low- and middle-income countries (LMICs)** to become members by adding CHF 500 (Swiss francs) to your annual fees, connecting them with the expansive global network that UICC membership brings.

*We can recommend organisations from LMICs for you to support

Find out about the specific benefits that members receive through their membership to UICC here.

Get more involved!

Want to be more involved? You can also become a partner of UICC. Please visit the Partners section for more information about partnership opportunities and learn more about the members who also work with us as partners. For further details, please contact the Partners team.