The Fundraising Award

2018 UICC Award Nomination Form

The Fundraising Award is open to any UICC member that carried out a successful and innovative fundraising initiative such as a campaign, an event, a donation programme, a digital campaign and more. The submitted fundraising initiative can involve individuals, institutions or corporations.

Important note: each UICC member can submit maximum one fundraising initiative for consideration for the Fundraising Award.

Nominated organisation


This is the person who in principle would receive the award on behalf of the organisation at the Award Ceremony at the 2018 World Cancer Congress. Should your initiative be among the three short-listed, this person will be interviewed by phone by the jury during July / August 2018. ​

(Mr, Mrs, Dr, etc...)

About the fundraising initiative

Background – 100 words max

  • What were/are you raising for?
  • What objectives and targets did you set for your initiative?

Describe your initiative -100 words max

  • What was/is specific about your fundraising initiative?
  • What specific tactics, tools or technology did you use/are you using?

Creativity, innovation in the concept or at the implementation level – 100 words max

  • What makes this initiative creative and/or innovative?
  • In the case of an existing idea, how did you make it your own in the implementation?

Financials – 100 words max

  • What was/is the overall budget and/or other resources required?
  • What was the final amount raised/ What is the current amount raised?

Measuring your impact – 100 words max

  • Describe the overall impact of the initiative
  • Were there any additional positive outcomes? 
  • How were they measured?

Challenges, learning points – 100 words max

  • What were the main challenges encountered?
  • How were these overcome?
  • What are the key learning points?

Replicability – 100 words max

  • Please describe the key elements or advices to use by others to successfully replicate your initiative in their own settings

Other – 100 words max

Provide any other information that may help you win the Award


I declare that the information provided in this summary is accurate to the best of my knowledge and that I authorised UICC to use the information in a publication.