Global and European Roundtable Series

Global Roundtable Series (GRS)

The UICC Global Roundtable Series (GRS) take place in various cities around the world focusing on top issues in cancer. These exclusive and multisectoral roundtables bring together civil society organisations, governments, United Nations agencies and the private sector. The aim is to unite key decision makers to address, debate, share ideas and raise awareness around a current pressing issue in the global cancer community.

European Roundtable Series (ERS)

After the success of the first and second European Roundtable Meeting which took place in Berlin, Germany, the German Cancer Society and the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) organised a third edition in June 2016, delving further into discussions on how to raise the quality of cancer treatment by looking at the patient's perspective, under the title

“Current developments in cancer care: including the patient perspective”

Download the report here.