Community onco patients, their friends and doctors in Belarus


Activists of the NGO "Belarusian organization of working women" has created an online platform for onco patients, their friends and doctors created by those who were diagnosed with "cancer", as well as family and friends of cancer patients. In the "Personal History" started autobiographical chronicle of stories of people who know what they are fighting against cancer, what efforts have to put obstacles to overcome and to start a normal life. In the section "Activities" provides information on civic initiatives, nonprofit organizations and socially-oriented business companies whose work is aimed at combating cancer in Belarus. Going into the "Library", is available to research, publications, books, audio and video materials on cancer and close to her subjects. Kind words addressed to those who carefully treats, wholeheartedly supports, sensitively accompanied by - in the "Acknowledgments."

Saturday, February 4, 2012
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Iryna Zhykhar
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