The CEO Award

2018 UICC Award Nomination Form

The CEO Award is open to Chief Executive Officers (or equivalent highest ranking executive or administrator in charge of managing the organisation) of UICC member organisations who have been in place for at least two years at the time of the nomination.  

The Award aims to recognise leadership and expertise in managing a cancer control organisation, and the CEO’s ability to overcome challenges by developing and implementing strategies to advance the organisation’s mission. It also assesses the use of innovation and creativity in problem-solving and the resulting impact on the organisation.

About the nominee and the person nominating

Nominee (CEO or equivalent)

(Mr, Mrs, Dr, etc...)
(CEO, Director General, General Secretary, etc...)

Person nominating (fill in only if different from above)

CEOs can nominate themselves or be nominated by another individual. In case of third party nomination, the person nominating must:

  • Have direct knowledge of the nominee's work
  • Obtain consent to nominate
(Mr, Mrs, Dr, etc...)

Nomination form to complete

Background – 100 words max

  • Why do you think you / the nominee should be nominated for this award?

Strategy & Leadership - 100 words max

  • How was the strategy implemented and resourced to ensure sustainability and long term impact?
  • What leadership skills did you/the nominee use to develop and implement it?
  • Where there any challenges and how did you/the nominee overcome them – lessons learned?

Collaboration and partnerships - 100 words max

  • How did you/ the nominee engage your staff, Board, major stakeholders& partners in supporting, developing and rolling out your strategy

Innovation and creativity - 100 words max

  • Outline any innovative approach, novel or creative techniques that you / the nominee used to solve issues

Other factors to be taken into consideration – 100 words max

  • Provide any other information to support your / the nominee’s selection for this Award


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