The Resources of UICC mirror the wide variety of our membership and their needs. They cover toolkits and assistance for national and international cancer control planning as well as educational materials on technical knowledge, online and printed. Our Journals represent all aspects of the cancer continuum, from basic research to implementing science in low-resource settings, combining the efforts of all people and organisations involved to bring higher equity to those in need. 

ICCP Portal
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The ICCP portal is a unique initiative that brings the experience and best practice knowledge of leading cancer organizations and experts and offers policy-makers and cancer planners an online platform, dedicated to providing selected resources and tools on cancer control all in the convenience of ONE PLACE. Launched by the International Cancer Control Partnership (ICCP) in November 2013 at the World Cancer Leaders' Summit, the ICCP Portal is a web-based tool on cancer control planning and capacity-building, linked to non-communicable diseases (NCD) control and prevention.

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Since more than 50 years UICC has published the UICC TNM classification of malignant tumours, the internationally accepted standard for cancer staging.The classification of cancer by anatomic disease extent, i.e. stage, is the major determinant of appropriate treatment and prognosis. Stage is an increasingly important component of cancer surveillance and cancer control and an endpoint for the evaluation of the population-based screening and early detection efforts. The UICC TNM Classification is an anatomically based system that records the primary and regional nodal extent of the tumor and the absence or presence of metastases.

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