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2017 World Health Assembly cancer resolution

Call for a World Health Assembly cancer resolution in 2017

The 70th World Health Assembly taking place in May 2017 will review and hopefully approve a cancer resolution, developed in the past year as a result of UICC’s collective advocacy and call to action from the 2016 World Cancer Leaders’ Summit. This is a clear signal that our governments around the world recognise cancer as a global health priority; the resolution reconfirms the key role for cancer control in the non-communicable disease (NCD) agenda, as well as underscoring critical steps to accelerate national implementation.


Infographic on cancer burden

To bring global-to-national commitments raised in the cancer resolution into the public space, we count on the support of our members, partners, networks and key stakeholders to, first, call Members States to adopt the cancer resolution at the 70th World Health Assembly, and, then, use this momentum to drive national action following the resolution’s adoption.

The 2017 cancer resolution aligns with both the globally agreed NCD targets and action plan, and the sustainable development goals (SDGs), which is key for making sure that cancer is part of the emerging dialogue on universal health coverage. The 2017 resolution provides cancer-specific guidance to Member States across the care continuum. Now, we are calling for action on the health systems response, specifically, population-based, holistic approaches to programmes and the expansion and scale up of diagnosis, treatment and care services so that no one is left behind.

Read the draft resolution on cancer prevention and control in the context of an integrated approach here.

To make it as easy as possible for you to support and add your voice to this call for action, UICC has created this communications package providing materials that can be used by you as it is or tailored to fit your own national agenda and your own organisational focus, and disseminated within your social media networks and across your communication channels. We also encourage you to share this package within your own networks and encourage more organisations to add their voice.

The communications package includes:

  • A template press release – covering all key aspects of the cancer resolution – has been designed for local adaptation and use through online outreach channels (e.g. websites, blogs, newsletters, etc.). This will remain under embargo until the cancer resolution has been officially adopted by the Member States. Adoption of the resolution will take place between Thursday 25 May to Wednesday 31 May. Please keep an eye on for live updates and latest news.
  • A “Frequently Asked Questions” sheet has been developed to explain the cancer resolution, its contents, and how you can get involved.

  • A social media toolkit providing ready-made messages based on key facts and messages related to the cancer resolution to be used on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

  • A series of images, addressing the key aspects of the cancer resolution, has been designed for use as supporting imagery to make posts (and other online communications) more visual and impactful. Available in French, Spanish and Portuguese (coming days)

  • A Twitter Guide – created in collaboration with NCD Alliance – for those attending (or following online) the WHA70 providing tips on how to live-tweet during the event

Read here how a handful of governments led the way to drive national action this World Cancer Day. 

Please contact UICC's advocacy team via to find out more about the resolution and how you can support it.