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Developing a rights-based approach to cancer control advocacy

Despite a growing recognition of health as a human right, cancer and other non-communicable disease receive little mention in the Unoited Nations framework for human rights. Cancer is, however, a public health and a human rights issue. 

UICC has produced a human rights briefing that puts forward ways of exploring a rights-based approach to cancer control, focusing on standard setting, awareness raising and holding UN Member States to account.

Childhood Cancer Signs and Symptoms Campaign (ChiCA)

Campaign materials | Expert films | Webinars

Childhood Cancer International (CCI), the International Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP) and Union for International Cancer Control  (UICC) have collaborated on a joint 'Signs and Symptoms' campaign to raise the knowledge and awareness of health workers about the warning signs of childhood cancer. The campaign aims to generate health sector support for better detection, diagnosis and treatment of childhood cancer.

Initial materials developed for the campaign included a poster with common signs and symptoms of childhood cancer and a pocket card with common differential diagnoses. These materials have already been translated into many languages and disseminated in over 40 countries, and are designed to support health workers working particularly at primary and community health level.


Campaign Materials


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Expert films

The campaign has now scaled-up to include a series of expert films narrated by doctors, a nurse, a cancer survivor and a parent to help improve early diagnosis of cancer, particularly in low-income countries where need is greatest.

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Webinar series

Webinars and videos are being developed to demonstrate how the signs and symptoms campaign is being implemented in countries around the world- in health centres, hospitals, schools and community settings.

Introduction to the Signs and Symptoms Campaign

Bless a Child Foundation, Brian Walusimbi

Fundación Nuestros Hijos, Chile – Dr Marcela Zubieta

Global Opioid Policy Initiative (GOPI)

The first international survey on the availability of opioids for cancer pain management was led by Nathan Cherny, Israel, Chair of the ESMO Palliative Care Working Group and conducted under the auspices of the ESMO Emerging Countries Committee (previously the ESMO Developing Countries Task Force). 

An international partnership of over 20 organisations worked together to benchmark current standards against international standards set by WHO/International Narcotics Board. The survey results provide evidence of necessary policy reform to improve the management of severe cancer pain and to relieve unnecessary suffering worldwide. Get more information and advocacy resources here