Putting cancer on the global health and development agendas.

UICC is a leading voice for cancer control and the organisation’s reputation for being independent and objective has been earned over many decades. We guard our ‘trusted advisor’ status as one of our most valuable assets. Our independence ensures that UICC led advocacy efforts and education initiatives reach the highest levels of government, the private sector and civil society.


To have the greatest possible impact on reducing the cancer burden, UICC has made it a priority to focus on advocacy to integrate cancer into key global health and development agendas, and to support increased resources to combat cancer, especially in developing countries. 


UICC works in partnership with a number of organisations with a strong track record and proven commitment to implementing the outcomes of the UN High-level Meeting on NCDs held in September 2011 and follow up activities and actions. We work together to coordinate activities, policy and advocacy.


Read on to find out how the joint advocacy efforts of UICC, its partners and members, are having a real impact on reducing the global cancer burden worldwide. 


UICC's global advocacy campaigns support the achievement of the 9 World Cancer Declaration Targets to reduce the global burden of cancer by 2025. Find out how you can get involved in our campaigns.


Advocacy is the ongoing process of changing attitudes, actions, policies and laws by influencing individuals, groups and organisations. Communicating clear and consistent messaging to the right audience is critical. The advocacy resources we have available are designed to support cancer advocates, and can be selected depending on your priorities and needs.